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About Us
The Hyderabad Weekend Islamic School was founded by two friends who have common interest to serve the Muslim community. HYDWIS is dedicated to providing a complete Islamic education to our youth in a fun and enjoyable approach making learning and understanding easy for little ones. Students, ages 4 to 16 years, learn about Islam; learn Arabic to better understand the Qur’an, Islamic arts & crafts, play & educational activities.

Our Mission is to Instill the main teachings of Islam in our students; holistically teach Islam as a way of life; Teach students how to succeed in being responsible and practicing Muslims; Provide a congenial and Islamic environment in which our students can interact and develop social skills.
Islamic Studies
Our Islamic curriculum focuses on developing an Islamic character, learning from the lives of the prophets and reflecting on our own character on how to be a better muslim/muslimah. IQRA publication Text and work books are used for teaching Islamic studies.
Quran recitation - Covers the science of tajweed, where your child will master the authentic recitation of the Quran. ‘Understand Quran Academy’ trained professionals help the kids learn Quran tajweed using ‘Total Physical Interaction’ methodology.
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Kids will be assessed throughout the year. Monitoring and assessment will involve:

1. Continuous teacher assessment (formative and summative)
2. End of Term Revision
3. Competitions

We use Jeopardy, KBC and other fun ways to assess students.
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